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 Fisheries Resource Management, CFSC,G.B.P.U.& T. Pantnagar263145

India has a mere share of 0.01% in the global market of ornamental fish, which is estimated to be worth around US$6 billion. Ornamental fishes are high priced commodity to be cultivated and bred.Here one can use indigenous fauna and flora .for ornamental. Besides, aquarium business they ornamental designed ponds can be made with fountains and designs of ponds with ranged water fall attract  tourist. There will be a great fascination for public to make visit for children to such a place .If tourist lodges, restaurant supplied with edible fish recipes this will give  a big roaring income to owner.The kuccha pond may be stocked with culturable edible fishes. The integrated  of these fishes with be planned with ducks. Both way the beauty and aesthetic value of the place will be enhanced and visitors will be a increased

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