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Oscar Hennig*, Marcela Salazar, Morten Rye
Benchmark Breeding and Genetics
73-1353 Kaiminani Dr
Kailua-Kona Hawaii 96740 USA

During recent years Benchmark Breeding and Genetics has developed a solid presence in aquaculture genetics through acquisitions of Akvaforsk Genetics (AFGC), a leading provider of advanced breeding program design and technical services to global aquaculture, and the breeding companies SalmoBreed and Stofnfiskur (Atlantic salmon) and Spring Genetics (tilapia).  With the recent incorporation of Genética Spring in 2016, Benchmark expanded its breeding business to include marine shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei). Genética Spring continues and expands the pioneering shrimp breeding program initiated by CENIACUA in Colombia in 1997, a program designed and supervised by Akvaforsk Genetics.  Today this is the worlds' most scientifically documented genetic improvement program for shrimp.

The cultivated shrimp industry is largely based on L.vannamei. Current strategies for disease management in Asia emphasize exclusion and eradication with strict quarantine and importation protocols. These strategies have not prevented a series of disease epidemics. Diseases have been introduced by illegal importations; fresh feeds and/or poor water management. Since commercial populations of shrimp are derived from imported SPF stocks that are susceptible to endemic diseases, amplification of the pathogen load occurs rapidly. The Asian L.vannamei sector will continue to be repeatedly exposed to new epidemics while depending on broodstock poorly adapted to local conditions. To break this vicious cycle there is the need of an alternative, integrated disease management strategy, based on: minimizing the risk of introduction of new diseases to the region; deployment of populations resistant to endemic diseases; and sanitary practices that minimize the likelihood of epidemics and delay infection.

Combining the SPF, SPR and APE approach Genética Spring has successfully bred L.vannamei populations with high levels of resistance to major diseases affecting the shrimp industry today such as: WSSV; EMS; NHP; TSV; Vibriosis.

This presentation will focus on the achievements of Genética Spring selective breeding program and its application for the Asia L.vannamei farming industry.

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