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Sharihan Fathi*, Aizul Nahar Harun, Shuib Rambat
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology, Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra, 54100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Aquaculture industry generate a large number of untapped information to benefit all stakeholders in the aquaculture sector. The information including the current research in the industry, the players involved in the sector, problem solving towards the specific issues in breeding, farming or technology utilization. However, these information only benefit to a few group of stakeholders since the shared information unable to reach timely to the targeted group. Moreover, little is known about the interaction problem between aquaculture stakeholders that contribute to the failed in delivering and sharing the significant information among stakeholders. Hence, it leads to the need of effective information sharing among stakeholders that feasibly utilized current technology to strengthen the interaction among the stakeholders in term of sharing the knowledge, communication and relationship perspective. Therefore, this paper contributes to offer a novel idea on developing an integrated mobile knowledge based and reporting systems as a tool to assist the aquaculture management issue of Tilapia stakeholders. Specifically, this study emphasis on the effectiveness of the interaction among stakeholders mainly among Department of Fisheries (DOF) as the government entity and other stakeholders in Tilapia supply chain that consists of hatchery systems till grow out ponds. To achieve the objective of the study, this research will adapt to the Design Science Research (DSR) as a research philosophy with Generic Design Cycle as methodological approach. A literature review of aquaculture management, stakeholder management and trust among stakeholders will be explained during the study. These studies further will be analysed to form a systematic functional design of mobile application for aquaculture stakeholders. As a consequence, the aquaculture information with dependency of online mobile connectivity will be a functional platform to connect with all stakeholders in the aquaculture sector which resulted to the new paradigms for aquaculture management. Thus, aquaculture mobile application for knowledge based and reporting systems will be develop to benefit the stakeholders in the industry.

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