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SARNISSA African Cage Culture Photo Competition
SARNISSA African Cage Culture Photo Competition
Sponsored by ASAKUA and the World Aquaculture Society

Cage culture is now developing throughout the African continent. To reflect, record, and celebrate this the SARNISSA African Aquaculture Network is offering prizes of 100 USD plus a free subscription membership to the World Aquaculture Society for the 2 best photos related to cage culture in Africa in the following categories of entry:

  1. Youth category: A photo taken by a student currently studying or a person under the age of 25 working on an existing African cage farm or related hatchery.
  2. General category: A photo taken by anyone else over the age of 25

All photos must have been taken by the person submitting and should be related to cage culture in an African country.

All entries should be sent as attached files of a minimum file size of 500KB by 30th May 2017 to William Leschen at

The 2 winners will be announced at the World Aquaculture Society Conference in Cape Town in June 2017, where their photos will be exhibited along with 20 of the other best entries.

Conditions for entry
Are shown below - please read carefully, each person is limited to sending 3 photos per entry

For each image submitted, please supply the following information:

  • For all - Your name and contact details:
  • the date on which the photograph(s) was taken (minimum; month and year)
  • the location of the photograph(s)
  • a brief title for each photograph (maximum, 20 words)
  • and (optional) details / a caption summarizing the most important or interesting features illustrated by the image(s) (maximum, 100 words)

Specification on photo quality file size

Please follow these instructions to help us handle your pictures and present them well if they will go on to be exhibited at the World Aquaculture Society conference in Cape Town in June 2017.

Settings on many digital compact cameras do not often specify the file type in which the image will be saved, but most will assume the .jpg by default. To ensure best image quality, irrespective of overall pixel-count, the camera should be set to ‘Fine’ or ‘High’ as this will ensure the largest file of good quality.

RAW or TIF files are best, if they can be produced by your camera. Note that use of these file types can slow camera reaction time and quickly use media-space on flashcards. Please do not use full compression in .jpg format as this will degrade the image.

Size: Overall dimensions of the digitised image should be 1200 x 800 pixels as this leaves room for cropping to final display size. Please try to retain an approximate 3:2 ratio. Thumbnail pictures are not suitable.

Resolution: Should normally be 300 ppi, and no less than 72 ppi.

Platform: The competition is PC-based, so pictures originated on Apple Macintosh computers must be readable by us. If you can convert or save images to PC-compatible files it would be very helpful.


All entrants must agree to the following:

By submitting this/these image(s) to this competition, you give your consent for use of the material in all relevant SARNISSA uses and applications and confirm that the material is your own, and has not previously been published and that its use in the SARNISSA competition does not violate any existing copyright or rights agreement. If the image(s) were taken or used for work purposes, or taken during work time, you have obtained the express consent of your employer or that of the farm owner to submit them to this competition.

Get snapping!!! We now look forward to receiving your photos

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