Aquaculture Statistics Workshop

Professional Development/Continuing Education Workshop

To be presented on Sunday, February 9 at Aquaculture America 2014, Seattle, WA


Aquaculture Statistics Workshop -- Multivariate Statistics

Abstract: This workshop is intended to serve as an introduction to the broad array of Multivariate Statistical Methodologies and Data Visualization techniques. Discussion of Multivariate Data Structure will be central to each methodology, and differences between the analytic roles of variable types (numeric and categorical) will be addressed. Additional issues discussed with each methodological approach will include sample size requirements, statistical assumptions, and interpretation.

Using real data, confirmatory multivariate methods which tests linear models of associations between and among variables, will be discussed as an extension of univariate methods for evaluating group differences (ANOVA, ANCOVA à MANOVA, MANCOVA) and degree of causal or predictive relationships using statistical tests of correlations and Linear Regression à Multivariate Multiple Regression; this will then be extended to confirmatory predictive models (Structural Equation Models) that utilizes a researcher’s prior knowledge of biological systems. Additionally, Structure and Pattern discovery methods will be presented to explore Multivariate relationship profiles that reveal patterns of association among response and/or predictor variables to account for multivariate correlation in a system (Principal Components Analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis)


Techniques that identify specific variables which best predict group membership can illuminate predictive patterns among observations or objects (Cluster Analysis, Discriminate Analysis) and can also generate models with predictive utility.


Handouts, references and sample code, where appropriate, will be provided prior to the workshop and should be brought to the workshop by participants, as presentations will parallel the handouts.



This year’s statistics workshop will be presented by Drs. Sara Duke and Kathleen Yeater, Consulting Statisticians from the USDA/ARS Southern Plains Area. Drs. Duke and Yeater have previously presented on Replication and Experimental Design, and Survival Analysis topics at the Statistics in Aquaculture Special Session at the 2009 Seattle Aquaculture America Conference. Additionally, they have been invited speakers and workshop presenters for: Rice Technical Working Group – Applications of Experimental Design; American Society of Agronomy – Multivariate Analysis Applications; USDA/ARS Germplasm Curators – Augmented Designs in Agricultural Research; and Society of Range Management – Principles of the Design of Useful Experiments. With a combined 20+ years of hands-on applied Statistical Consulting experience, these statisticians have the modern communication skills to articulate statistical topics both mathematically and graphically.


$100 Students
$150 USAS/AFS members
$250 Nonmembers

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