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WAS Exemplary Service Gold Medal

THE EXEMPLARY SERVICE GOLD MEDAL may be conferred upon any individual who has made extensive contributions that have significantly altered the nature or direction of the Society. Hard work and dedicated service do not in themselves qualify an individual for this award. The recipient must have demonstrated a vision of what the Society should be and have displayed the resolve, influence and dedication necessary to change the nature or direction of the Society. The award shall be a gold medal carrying the logo of the original World Aquaculture Society. The maximum number of Exemplary Service Awards given should be one every three years.

Name of Recipient


James W. Avault


Guido Persoone


Samuel Meyers


David E. Aiken


Ron Thune


Craig Tucker


Lou D´Abramo


Robert Stickney


Juliette Massey


Michael B. New


John and Mary Cooksey


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