Asian-Pacific Aquaculture 2016 a Huge Success

ASIAN PACIFIC AQUACULTURE 2016 (APA 2016) Conference and Exposition, which was held April 26-29, 2016, at Grand City Convention Centre, Surabaya Indonesia. The event included INDOAQUA and FITA, special Indonesian aquaculture meetings. This event, INDOAQUA-FITA-APA 2016, opened on 26 April 2016 by the Coordinating Minister for Maritime and Resources and Minister of Industry attended
INDOAQUA-FITA-APA 2016 consisted of seminars, exhibitions, business meetings, consultation clinic on aquaculture, farm tour, and various competitions, such as coloring contest, karaoke contest, Aquascape, and stand-up comedy. Moreover, Dharma Wanita of the Directorate General of Aquaculture in cooperation with the local government conducted a training on manufacture of clay materials as well as training on aquaponic manufacture. The committee is also working with the local government of East Java for the promotion of tourism, by presenting a tourism ambassador of East Java as well as the implementation of a tour around Surabaya which is provided free of charge. There were 719 abstracts with 465 oral presentations and 254 posters.
INDOAQUA-FITA-APA 2016 was attended by approximately 6,000 participants coming from 51 countries. The trade show was one of the most spectacular yet held with many multi-story stands and many, many quite elaborate booths featuring many displays of live fish and aquaculture product. The aisles between booths were constantly crowded and exhibitors hardly had time for a break! The exhibition consisted of 241 booths from 22 countries.
The Grand City Convention Centre was a very welcoming host for the conference and trade show. The facilities were excellent and the staff of the Centre was most accommodating. Farm tour organized is (i) a visit to an organic tiger shrimp culture in Probolinggo with foreign participants reached 30 people as well as (ii) to the Research Institute for Aquaculture Fish in Gondol with participants from abroad as many as 50 people.
The President of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS) highly appreciated the implementation of the Asia Pacific Aquaculture (APA) in 2016. It was mentioned that the APA in 2016 in Indonesia is the biggest WAS event so far, even some companies were turned away as all space was completely used. At the meeting of the APC-WAS (Asian Pacific Chapter-WAS), Dr. Endhay Kusnendar from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries took over as President of the APC in the coming year.
ASIAN PACIFIC AQUACULTURE 2016 was so successful that discussions are already underway to hold the WAS international meeting, World Aquaculture 2020, in Indonesia!
For more information, contact:
John Cooksey
Conference Manager
APA2017 will be held in Putra World Trade Centre , July 24 – 27, 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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