Past Presidents of The World Aquaculture Society


1970-71: Theodore B. Ford

1971-72: Samuel R. Munroe

1972-73: Terrance R Leary

1973-74: Gordon Gunter

1974-75: Wallace Klussmann

1975-76: James W. Avault, Jr.

1976-77: Harold Webber

1977-78: Kenneth Chew

1978-79: John Glude

1979-80: Paul Sandifer

1980-81: Carl Sindermann

1981-82: W. Guthrie Perry, Jr.

1982-83: George S. Lockwood

1983-84: Fred S. Conte

1984-85: Gary D. Pruder

1985-86: Guido Persoone

1986-87: Sterling Ken Johnson

1987-88: David E. Aiken

1988-89: John J. Manzi

1989-90: John D. Castell  

1990-91: William Hershberger

1991-92: Robert R. Stickney 

1992-93: Louis R. D’Abramo

1993-94: Susan Waddy

1994-95: LeRoy Creswell

1995-96: George W. Chamberlain

1996-97: Meryl C. Broussard

1997-98: Michael B. New

1998-99: Joe Tomasso

1999-00: Patrick Sorgeloos

2000-01: Thomas Losordo

2001-02: James H. Tidwell

2002-03: Craig Browdy

2003-04: Geoff Allan

2004-05: Kevin Fitzsimmons

2005-06: Daniel Fegan

2006-07: Michael Masser

2007-08: Sungchul Charles Bai  

2008-09: Lorenzo Juarez

2009-10: Jeff Hinshaw

2010-11: Jay Parsons

2011-12: Ricardo Martino

2012-13: Kevan Main

2013-14: Michael Schwarz

2014-15: Graham Mair

2015-16: Rebecca Lochman

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Annual WAS Business Meeting

Please join us for the annual WAS Business meeting on Sat. Aug. 25, 2018 at 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. in Le Corum – Sully 1. We look forward to seeing you at AQUA 2018 in Montpelier, France

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