Journal of the World Aquaculture Society - Aims and Scope

Journal of the World Aquaculture Society

The Journal of the World Aquaculture Society (JWAS) is a scientific journal devoted to the advancement of technological innovations and solutions to major issues facing the growth of global aquaculture. For over four decades, JWAS has represented the part of the World Aquaculture Society's overall mission that is devoted to effective dissemination of information, focusing on global aquaculture science, growth of aquaculture industries, and development and growth of sustainable aquaculture enterprises of all scales. JWAS seeks manuscripts related to all aspects of ecologically, socially and economically sustainable production of all aquatic species worldwide.

Peer Review Policy

All manuscripts submitted to JWAS undergo an initial review by the editorial board to ensure that the content truly represents the focus and goal of the journal. If found acceptable, the manuscript is then sent to anonymous expert referees for independent, objective review and respective recommendations are transmitted to the editorial board. The editorial board will then determine the next course of action regarding suitability for publication and accordingly will inform the author.

Categories of Papers Published

Review papers provide a compilation and synthesis of the research literature on a topic of historical and/or current significance relevant to a species, production system, research methodology, national or international set of policies, science basis for regulatory processes, or emerging challenges or opportunities for aquaculture growth and development.

Fundamental studies report results of novel research that reveal underlying mechanisms or test hypotheses related to basic biological, chemical, physical, or socioeconomic theories relevant to sustainable growth and development of aquaculture.

Applied studies provide scientifically rigorous and applicable information for technological, management, policy, and science-based regulatory improvements that enhance productivity, marketability, food safety, consumer acceptance, and public values and understanding, or otherwise contribute to growth and development of sustainable aquaculture.

Preparation and Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts to be submitted must adhere to the formatting guidelines specified in the Checklist for Authors available at

Authors for whom English is not their first language are strongly encouraged to have their manuscripts carefully edited before submission by an individual with demonstrated strong technical writing skill in English. Professional editing is available at the authors' expense through the Wiley English Language Editing Service (

All manuscripts must be submitted to the ScholarOne site at:

There are no page charges to publish in JWAS; however, open access publication is available at author’s expense and is highly recommended to increase the accessibility to timely and significant results.

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